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Oh no, not another hemp company. Bingo! We're not.
Hemp is a crop belonging to the Cannabis sativa family of plants. Hemp is a highly nutritious food. It’s a good source of plant-based protein, essential fatty acids, fibre, minerals and vitamins, so it’s great for your physical health. Hemponics Australia

Who are we? Why are we here?

Woah, they’re big questions. The kind of questions that it would be easy to get stressed out about (we’ve got a product for that BTW) or lose sleep over (we’ve got one for that too). But our ‘why’ is pretty simple.

To make our busy world a happier, healthier, hempier place.

We’re not building our hempire (see what we did there?) to get rich. OK, maybe a little. No, we’re on a mission to make the health and mental wellbeing benefits of hemp more accessible and delectable.

Smart hemp-powered products. Educational resources. Whatever it takes to create a world where everyone can harness the physical and mental health benefits of hemp. Where everybody leads happier, healthier lives.

Hemp is sooo good. And we’re making it even better.

Hemp is good for health. Good for mental wellbeing. Good for the planet. And there’s so much more we can do with it, so it’s good for business too.

Our proudly Australian company has been using premium Australian hemp to proudly produce hemp-powered products since 2019. That’s a lot to be proud of. But we’ve only scratched the surface of the good we can do with this sustainable superfood. Wait till you see what we have in store.

Hemp seed oil. Hemponics Australia

Backed by Avacare Health and some seriously smart people.

If hemp is the perfect plant (and it is), then we have the perfect team to realise its health-giving, mood-boosting, life-changing potential.

As part of the multinational Avacare Health group – leaders in preventative health care – we’re blessed with the best R&D and logistics capabilities around. It means our ambitious local team of hemp, food and nutrition experts has the global resources to develop innovative new hemp-powered products and bring them to market smoothly (next-day delivery, anyone?).

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