Are terpene & hemp products legal in Australia?

It’s time to bust the myths and outline the facts when it comes to terpenes, hemp and the law.

Are terpenes legal in Australia?

Yes, they are 100% legal in Australia. There is no law that classifies terpenes as a prohibited substance.

Terpene blends can target specific ailments such as stress, anxiety, and/or inflammation, alongside a number of other benefits. They can be bought over the counter or online without a prescription and you can also buy terpene blends from overseas online retailers and not face any issues with shipping and customs.

In short, as long as your terpenes are not derived from cannabis, you’re good with the law.

However, if your terpenes are derived from the cannabis sativa plant, then you may face trouble with the law in Australia. According to the Office of Drug Control (ODC) in Australia, “only the seeds of the hemp plant can be used for human consumption – extracts from the remainder of the plant are considered a drug.

So, as long as your terpenes are not derived from cannabis, such as our RISE & SHINE + SLEEP EAZZZY Duo Pack (a blend of terpenes and hemp seed oil) you won’t be breaking any laws.

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Moving on to hemp.

Is hemp legal in Australia?

The hemp plant has been legal in Australia since 2017.

Hemp is an industrial crop belonging to the Cannabis sativa family of plants, which has been cultivated for many uses. Hemp is not the same as marijuana, as hemp comes from the seeds of the plant which are THC deficient, causing no psychoactive effects.

This is the reason why hemp is legal and has been used as a source of fibre, oil, and nutrition for thousands of years.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is the Registrar for the Industrial Hemp Act 2004 in WA. This legislation enables licensees to cultivate, harvest or process industrial hemp for food and fibre on a commercial scale.

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