Are Terpenes Safe For Human Consumption? [Video]

Are Terpenes Safe For Human Consumption? [Video]

Are Terpenes Safe For Human Consumption?

Not a huge amount of human research has been done on Terpenes.

Terpenes that are found naturally in foodstuffs have been declared:

"Generally Safe" by the US governing body of food flavourings and extracts.

This means, if the terpenes in question are also often found in foods, supplements, common natural extracts, then they are considered safe.

However, this generally only applies to concentrations as they are found in nature or in typical extracts.

This might not apply to industrial concentrates, and it might not apply to the preparations that have been used in animal or cell experimentations.

So, it might be found to be the case that some of the studies done would cause harm to a human if used as a treatment in the same way.

Terpenes can interact with many receptors and systems in the body.

Our preparations at Hemponics are safe and well within normal limits.

Remember that terpenes are extremely potent, and only tiny amounts are required in supplemental preparations.

We can smell most terpenes at exceptionally low levels in the air around us, we are very sensitive to them in that regard.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the safety profile of terpenes.

Thanks for checking out today's episode of '2-Minute Terpene Tutorials'.

Remember to grab yourself a bottle of our terpene and hemp seed oil blend.

You'll be glad you did 😉

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