Are There Cannabinoids In Terpenes? [Video]

Are There Cannabinoids In Terpenes? [Video]

Are There Cannabinoids In Terpenes?

There are no cannabinoids in terpenes and no cannabinoids in the Hemponics product range.

Terpenes originate from the same parent molecules as cannabinoids in some instances.

They share a lineage and enzymes with cannabinoid production in the cannabis plant.

Our terpenes at Hemponics are prepared in hemp seed oil.

This means the oil that is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Hemp refers to Cannabis sativa plants that have been bred to have very low THC content and allowed to be fertilised.

Cannabinoids are not present in hemp/cannabis seeds, so there is no CBD or THC in hemp seed oil.

This means that hemp seed oil and terpene supplements are completely legal to buy in shops and have no implications for drug testing or driving.

Interestingly, any chemical extracted from the cannabis plant is considered a Schedule 9 drug unless it has been developed into a licensed medicine.

So, terpenes derived from cannabis are treated as a controlled drug or medicine in Australia.

This is why our terpenes are derived from other plants and blended in a way that mimics the cannabis plant.

This can potentially help with certain symptoms.

Thanks for checking out today's episode of '2-Minute Terpene Tutorials'.

Remember to grab yourself a bottle of our terpene and hemp seed oil blend.

You'll be glad you did 😉


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