Does Hemp Seed Oil Work For Dry Skin

Does Hemp Seed Oil Work For Dry Skin?

Does Hemp Seed Oil Work For Dry Skin?

So, does hemp seed oil work for dry skin?

Well, according to dermatologists, if your goal is to replenish dry skin with oil and moisture, then hemp seed oil works.

However, that is not the only positive benefit hemp seed oil provides for your skin.

Through some Google sleuthing, we've learned that hemp seed oil provides multiple benefits for the overall health of your skin.

Here's what we've learned so far...

4 Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Dry Skin

hemp seed oil benefits for dry skin
  1. Controls Oil Production: Dry skin can cause an over-production of oil. An over-production in oil stimulates acne. Hemp seed oil moderates oil production and moisturises your skin without causing clogging. This not only reduces skin dryness but also reduces the risk of developing acne.
  2. Reduces Skin Inflammation: If you struggle with conditions like acne or psoriasis where your skin gets inflamed often, then hemp seed oil is a worthy companion to have. Hemp seed oil contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which is one of the omega-6 fatty acids. GLA acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, while also promoting skin cell growth and regeneration. This causes calming and soothing to otherwise inflamed skin.
  3. Reduces Wrinkles: Hemp seed oil is known by dermatologists as an anti-aging agent. Hemp seed oil is known to be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst also preventing visual signs of ageing from developing. It achieves this through linoleic acid and oleic acids, which cannot be produced by the body. Both acids play a crucial role in anti-ageing and overall skin health.
  4. Attracts Moisture: You read that right. Hemp seed oil not only traps moisture but also draws moisture to your skin. Substances that do this are known as 'humectants' and hemp seed oil is one of them. And as you know, having moisture-rich skin reduces dryness and the problems linked to having dry skin.

    Does Hemp Seed Oil Have Any Negative Side Effects?

    hemp seed oil side effects for dry skin

    Hemp seed oil is safe for most (if not all) people and is useful on all skin types.

    Hemp seed oil contains zero THC, so you can rest assured you will NOT get 'high' from consuming it.

    Though not common, some people have reported that hemp seed oil causes an upset stomach and/or loosens one's stool.

    This side effect is linked to the fatty or oily nature of hemp seed oil.

    To troubleshoot this, it is recommended you start with a small amount first and then increase steadily as you see fit.

    There have also been reports online of people getting a mild irritation on first use topically.

    Hence, it's recommended to apply a small amount to a small area of skin as a test before committing.

    How To Use Hemp Seed Oil For Dry Skin

    how to use hemp seed oil for dry skin

    Hemp seed oil has been and continues to be integrated into many beauty products as an anti-inflammatory and hydrating agent.

    You'd apply it to your skin as you would any other oil or body and face cream.

    However, applying it directly to your skin is not the only way to reap its skincare benefits.

    You could also consume hemp seed oil as food in your salad and/or smoothie, for example.

    Or you could consume it in oil or capsule form.

    This way the benefits kick in from the inside out as your body absorbs all the nutrients it can from the hemp seed oil.

    Here at Hemponics, we're fans of consuming hemp seed oil as it provides your body with more nutrients to work with.

    And, of course, consuming hemp seed oil versus applying it topically will provide you with a wider range of benefits.

    If you're like us, then you'd want to head over to our product catalog and grab yourself a bottle or two of hemp seed oil.

    We hope this article was helpful for you and answered some of your hemp seed oil questions as it relates to skincare.

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    Always remember to optimise your health and thrive with hemp!


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