What Is Myrcene And Why Does This Terpene Matter? [Video]

What Is Myrcene And Why Does This Terpene Matter? [Video]

What Is Myrcene And Why Does This Terpene Matter?

Myrcene is a common terpene in nature as well as the cannabis plant.

It is found in mangoes, lemongrass, thyme, cardamon and hops.

Fun fact, the hops plant is a cousin of the cannabis plant and hops extract is used as a sleep aid in some countries.

Myrcene is thought to be the most sedating of the terpenes.

The phenomenon of couch lock or 'body high' with sedation that is often encountered with cannabis use has been attributed to myrcene.

It is thought that Cannabis strains that have been bred to be high in THC generally also express high levels of myrcene, which might contribute to the sedating effects.

Making cannabis related sedation is more a feature of high quantities of myrcene rather than the plant being an “indica” strain.

Myrcene has been show to also be analgesic (pain relieving) by blocking pain responses in mice at the opiate receptor sites.

This effect can be blocked by naloxone, which is an opiate blocker.

This illustrates one of the ways that the entourage effect potentially works with several compounds working on several different sites relevant to the control of the symptom, which in this case is pain.

Myrcene can produce muscle relaxation in mice.

It can reduce inflammation via the Prostaglandin pathways.

In one study it's been demonstrated the myrcene can even be liver protective when mice are exposed to toxins that cause liver cancer.

Again, further research is needed.

But there's a lot of anecdotal effects from myrcene contributing to its reputation of being sedating.

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