Which Terpenes Make You Sleepy? [Video]

Which Terpenes Make You Sleepy? [Video]

Which Terpenes Make You Sleepy?

Several terpenes have been implicated as sleep aids or sedatives.

In the cannabis industry, the terpene with the strongest reputation for sedation is myrcene.

Some researchers go so far as to say that it is myrcene in certain cannabis strains that contributes to the sedative effect, people often refer to as couch lock.

Myrcene is also found in hops, and hops extracts have been used for centuries in Europe as a natural sleep aid.

Linalool is one of the most obvious sleep-aid terpenes in terms of general reputation.

Lavender scent has always had a reputation for being calming and sedating as evidenced by lavender’s inclusion in so many products aimed at relaxing us.

Examples include, scented candles, creams and cosmetics.

Inhaled lavender has been shown to somewhat sedate mice implying there may be a direct action via the olfactory bulb.

Linalool has been shown to act on the GABA receptor, which is essentially an inhibitory pathway, and this might explain how it produces some sedation.

A few more terpenes have been implicated in sedation.

Nerolidol may be somewhat sedating and is found in the orange peel.

A reference from the early seventies makes a claim that is causes sedation, but we cannot find the original paper in translated from French to English to comment further.

Finally, another common terpene called Phytol has been shown to have some sedating effects.

Phytol is a breakdown product of chlorphyll and therefore can be quite ubiquitous in plants.

However, it is thought to explain the sedating, soporific effect of wild lettuce, which was used as a sedative in Roman times.

It’s also mentioned in a Beatrix Potter book about sleepy bunnies that my daughter likes.

That's all for now regarding terpenes that could make you sleepy.

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