Can You Vape Terpenes? Are Terpenes Toxic? [Video]

Can You Vape Terpenes? Are Terpenes Toxic? [Video]

Can You Vape Terpenes? Are Terpenes Toxic?

Terpenes are hydrocarbons meaning they have definite harms at high concentrations.

Any essential oil, if undiluted can cause irritation, as they are solvents.

This means they can dissolve other oil based materials, such as cell membranes.

Being fat soluble and fat dissolving there can be many direct chemical effects on the cells of the brain, for example.

Over dosing by ingesting high concentrations of any terpene can cause serious brain effects like drowsiness, unconsciousness and potentially seizures and death.

Vaping terpenes is certainly not recommended by the medical community.

Vaping exposes the compounds to high temperatures, which will cause some to vaporise and become inhalable.

However, it may cause a proportion of the molecules to break down into the chemical components that form the molecule.

These include known irritants and carcinogens such as Benzene and Methacrolein.

Terpenes have been declared generally safe for consumption by the regulating bodies in the US.

But remember, this only reflects low concentrations as found in foods and nature, not the high concentrations found in industrial concentrates.

Remember that several terpene concentrates are used as insecticides as this is precisely why the plant produces them.

Turpentine, for example, has been used for centuries as a paint thinner.

That's all for now regarding the toxicity of terpenes.

Thanks for checking out today's episode of '2-Minute Terpene Tutorials'.

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