What Are Terpenes? [Video]

What Are Terpenes? [Video]

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromas found in essential oils.

Terpenes give plants their unique smells and flavours.

They're everywhere and you will already be familiar with many of them.

The two most common are Pinene with their piney smell and Limonene with their lemony smell.

Terpenes are small, volatile aromatic hydrocarbons.

This means they are oil soluble and can evaporate easily at room temperature, so they can diffuse in the air.

Animals can detect Terpenes as they directly stimulate certain receptors in the olfactory bulbs, which are the nerves in the nose.

These smells can evoke emotions and memories, which may be part of their therapeutic effect.

Terpenes can have direct effects on nerve receptors and brain activities as show in many preclinical trials.

Most of the predicted effects of terpenes are extrapolated from animal studies.

There are a huge range of anecdotal effects of terpenes, which we will cover in future episodes of 2-Minute Terpenes Tutorials.

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