What Are Terpenes Used For? [Video]

What Are Terpenes Used For? [Video]

What Are Terpenes Used For?

Terpenes in the cannabis plant exist for important survival and reproductive reasons.

They're produced by the trichomes, which are the white beads that give the frosty covering on the flower.

Terpenes contribute to making trichomes sticky.

They get so sticky that they can stick insects down and prevent them from predating on the flower.

Terpenes can also have extremely bitter tastes.

This can put off herbivores from trying to eat a plant.

But what do terpenes do for us?

They may have their own effects on the human body.

Their effects are similar to, in addition to, or combined with the cannabinoids that are found inside cannabis.

One way of thinking about terpenes is like a fingerprint or a calling card for the different strains of cannabis.

There is many different strains of cannabis and each one of these strains has a genetic predisposition to making terpenes at different concentrations.

If that strain is grown reliably in the same environment, it’s likely to have the same fingerprint of different terpenes at different concentrations each time.

We call this the terpene profile of a plant or a strain.

Thinking about the illicit cannabis market, all illegal cannabis is bread to be high in THC at the detriment of all the other cannabinoids.

In other words, there is very few other cannabinoids to be found in illegal cannabis strains because drug dealers want more bang for their buck.

But as we know, illicit strains have a lot of different perceived effects.

They definitely have lots of different colours, flavours, and scents amongst different strains.

So what is it that is differentiating one strain from another?

We think that is likely to be the different terpenes profiles.

Anecdotally, it is thought that a terpene profile can influence the perceived effects of that cannabis strain.

So that’s what terpenes can be doing for us.

Hopefully, this helps you understand what terpenes are used for in plants and humans.

Thanks for checking out today's episode of '2-Minute Terpene Tutorials'.

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