RESET: Terpene + Hemp Seed Oil Nighttime Blend

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Our RESET nighttime blend is a select choice of terpenes blended with hemp seed oil to help you rest in the evening. Hemp seed oil is used because it supports:

  • BRAIN FUNCTION - Hemp seed oil delivers vital nutrients such as magnesium and amino acids to your brain to help reduce stress & anxiety, improve memory, and support neurotransmitter function in your brain.

Our RESET nighttime blend contains the following terpenes:

  • MYRCENE - this helps improve your sleep and helps provide some musculo-skeletal discomfort relief

  • LINALOOL - this helps enhance your sense of calmness and helps promote physical relaxation

  • LIMONENE - this helps reduce your stress & anxiety levels and helps regulate your mood

If you struggle with:

  • Getting quality sleep at night,

  • Winding down from work, or

  • Managing your stress levels in the evening;

Then our RESET nighttime blend is exactly what you need to help you rest and dissolve your daily concerns into the pillow.

How To Use

how to use terpenes for nighttime support

how to use terpenes for anti-inflammatory support and pain relief

Customer Reviews

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Demelza Potiuch
Amazing for sleep and pain and youthful looking skin.

All I can say is I forgot to take this for two nights and i didn’t realise how much this helped until then. I struggled to sleep all night, something I had forgotten was a thing whilst taking this. I also use on my face as a serum and also rub on my sore neck. This little bottle covers it all. Also it’s lasts sooo long. Bottle of liquid gold.

Cheryl Taylor
Amazing for Insomnia

I had this product recommended to me by a friend after I had been experiencing an excessively long period of insomnia. I have tried most products over the years to help with my poor sleep and all have failed to make a difference! This helped almost immediately. I take this every night now and am feeling better than I have for a long time. I really rate this product and will recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Sput Fisher
Excellent Product

I decided to try the HEMP SEED OIL + TERPENE BLEND after I had heard how good it was from a friend.
I can vouch for this product as it does exactly what it says it can. I take 4 drops every night before bed, giving me a great nights sleep. It also lets me fall asleep quickly and not lie there for hours waiting to nod off.



I have an autoimmune disorder and these capsules have made a significant difference to my health. I'll continue to order them. I'm well pleased.

- Astra

Great price! Great product! And it's made in Australia, which is great to buy local!

- Damian

Sore knee has gone since using these products!

- Anon.

Products seem to be working well for me.

- Sue


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