REFRESH: Terpene + Hemp Seed Oil Daytime Blend (30ml)

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Our REFRESH daytime blend is a select choice of terpenes blended with hemp seed oil to help you during the day. Hemp Seed Oil is used because it supports:

  • BRAIN FUNCTION - Hemp seed oil delivers vital nutrients such as magnesium and amino acids to your brain to minimise stress & anxiety, improve your memory, and support neurotransmitter function in your brain.

Our REFRESH daytime blend contains the following terpenes:

  • LIMONENE - this helps reduce your stress & anxiety levels and helps you regulate your mood

  • PINENE - this helps you increase your focus, enhance your brain function, and boosts your memory

  • BISABOLOL - this helps you reduce your stress and anxiety levels (as well)

  • HUMULENE - this helps you boost your natural energy levels and helps you eliminate fatigue

If you're struggling to:

  • Stay uplifted during the day,

  • Remain focused on your daily tasks, or

  • Maintain optimal energy levels throughout your day;

Then our REFRESH daytime blend is exactly what you need to uplift yourself and conquer your day.

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How To Use

how to use terpenes for anti-inflammatory support and pain relief

Customer Reviews

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I have an autoimmune disorder and these capsules have made a significant difference to my health. I'll continue to order them. I'm well pleased.

- Astra

Great price! Great product! And it's made in Australia, which is great to buy local!

- Damian

Sore knee has gone since using these products!

- Anon.

Products seem to be working well for me.

- Sue


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