This page is dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions about hemp and our products. If you have a question about hemp then there's a high chance your answer is here. If you find that your answer is not here, then please contact us with your question and we will answer it for you.

  1. What is hemp? - Hemp is an industrial crop belonging to the Cannabis sativa family of plants. Hemps byproducts has multiple commercial uses such as textiles, paper, clothing, paint, insulation, biodegrade-able plastics, food, and animal feed.

  2. Is hemp the same as marijuana? - No, hemp is not the same as marijuana. Hemp is THC deficient causing no psychoactive effects, while marijuana is THC abundant causing certain psychoactive effects i.e. 'a high'.

  3. Does consuming hemp cause psychoactive effects? - No, consuming hemp does not cause psychoactive effects because hemp is THC deficient.

  4. Does hemp cause any allergies in the body? - Hemp allergies are very rare. Some say that allergies to hemp do not exist. However, there have a very small amount of reports that hemp may cause anaphylaxis.

  5. Will you fail a drug test when you consume our hemp products? - No, you will not. All our hemp products are THC deficient. This means you will NOT be introducing THC into your system, you will NOT get 'high', and you will NOT fail a drug test.

  6. Is hemp legal in Australia? - According to the Office of Drug Control (ODC), hemp products derived from hemp seeds are 100% legal and permitted for human consumption.

  7. What are terpenes? - Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in about 30,000 plants that create the characteristic scent and flavour of a plant. Commonly sourced terpenes come from lavender, pine, lemon, orange peels, and mango, for example.

  8. Are terpenes legal in Australia? - Yes, terpenes are legal in Australia provided they are NOT derived from the cannabis plant. Terpenes derived from cannabis are illegal in Australia. Our terpenes are derived from non-cannabis botanical sources.

  9. Can terpenes make you 'high'? - No, terpenes cannot make you 'high' or cause psychoactive effects. Terpenes do not contain THC or any other cannabinoids.

  10. Can terpenes make you fail a drug test? - No, terpenes cannot make you fail a drug test as they do not contain THC or any other cannabinoids.

  11. Will our hemp products interact with your medication? - If you're on medication, we highly advise you consult with your healthcare professional first before using our products. In general, you may need to give your body 2 - 3 hours between your medication and supplementation. This prevents liver overload, which can lead to liver damage and other underlining issues. If you're concerned, please consult your healthcare professional first.

  12. Do terpenes contain cannabinoids? - No, terpenes do not inherently contain cannabinoids, especially those derived from non-cannabis sources.

  13. Is Hemp oil different from CBD oil? - Yes, Hemp oil is different from CBD oil. Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds and is cannabinoid deficient. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis (or marijuana) flower and is cannabinoid rich. Also, Hemp oil is a shortened name for Hemp Seed oil.

  14. Where is your hemp grown? - Our hemp products are grown and produced right here in Australia.

  15. Is your hemp seed oil cold pressed or not? - Yes, our hemp seed oil used in our terpene blends and capsules is cold pressed.

  16. Is your hemp GMO free? - Yes, our hemp is GMO free.

  17. How long do you wait for the terpenes to absorb? - In general, we advise to wait at least 15 - 20 mins for full absorption of the terpenes to take place.

  18. Can you use our daytime terpenes more than once per day? - Yes, you can use our daytime terpenes multiple times a day. Some of our customers use them once a day, while others use them many times through the day.

  19. Is there a good time to take your nighttime terpene blend before bed? - We generally advise to take the nighttime terpenes at least 30 mins before bed.

  20. How long does it take for your products to start working? - This varies from person to person and depends on your lifestyle. Some people see results fast while others need more time. We've noticed that our healthier customers experience fast results while our non-healthy customers need more time.