Spring Alkalising Smoothie Recipe: Spring Alkalizing for a Skin that Glows

“Alkalising” is the new buzz word for health conscious people but what is it and when do we know when we are alkalising?

Alkaline is a state of ph our body can be in, as opposed to acidic. Everything in nature is either acidic or alkaline in levels, which is why it makes sense that to change from one to the other we can rely on food as medicine to do this.

All the answers to our health problems can be addressed by choosing clean foods to nourish our body, elevating our nutrient levels. When we want to tip the acid/alkaline balance we need to enhance the level of alkaline foods to support our cells and the landscape within and around our cells, since we are made up of 50 trillion cells at any given time. Isn’t that amazing!

The body really is a miracle and as we focus on what we put into our bodies we can see that this will transform into what health our cells have. The cells within deliver nutrients to our skin, the largest organ of the body. So it makes sense that if we would like the radiance to glow within our skin we must take an alkaline approach whilst we nourish with nature’s green foods.

SO to prepare for spring we have created the Spring Alkalising Smoothie to spring clean your mornings and your skin! Being more alkaline means the cells within can enliven our skin and deliver nourishment from a cellular delivery system. Nutrients are highly concentrated in our green vegetables and superfood green powders and are perfect to begin your alkaline body leaving your skin glowing and energy soaring.

Enjoy the ritual of alkalising knowing it’s the place vital skin begins. Spring into your day with the following recipe.

Spring Alkalizing Smoothie Recipe by Miss Vitality

Spring Alkalising Smoothie

½ handful of kale or spinach
½ handful of berries
3 cubes of ice
1 scoop of hemp protein powder – we like the one from Hemponics
1 tsp of greens supplement powder
1 x pitted date
½ banana frozen
½ handful of cucumber
8 almonds
Fill to just cover with coconut water and blitz up.

Enjoy your Alkalising start to the day 

Luv Miss V