Will Terpenes make you fail a drug test?

Okay, so the straight forward answer to this question is NO.

Terpenes will NOT make you fail a drug test.

And, there are a number of reasons why terpenes will not make you fail a drug test.

However, it must be noted that terpenes derived from cannabis may have trace amounts of cannabinoids.

Now this is a very small likelihood of occurrence but is worth mentioning.

Just because the likelihood is small does not mean the potentiality of occurrence is weak.

And of course, the cannabinoid of interest in any drug test is the infamous THC.

So, with that said, let’s look at some tangible reasons why terpenes will not make you fail a drug test.

3 reasons why terpenes will not make you fail a drug test

1) Most terpenes come from non-cannabis sources

Did you know that there are over 20,000 different terpenes in nature?

That’s right and you can get them from your favourite fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Cannabis by itself is only produces about 100 terpenes.

This is less than 0.5 percent of the total terpenes in existence. 

Drug testing for terpenes is highly impractical and everyone would fail the test.

Because anyone who eats fruits, vegetables, and smell flowers would test positive for terpenes.

2) Terpenes do not cause psychoactive effects

Terpenes are not a known drug because they do not get anyone ‘high’ or cause psychoactive effects.

If you know someone who claims to have gotten high from terpenes then they must have had something more.

Terpenes are natural hydrocarbon compounds that are responsible for producing a plant, fruit, or vegetable’s unique aroma and flavour.

Because terpenes are some harmless no-one it testing for them.

Drug tests simply do not test for terpenes because there is no point.

And, it would be a total waste of resources to develop a drug test for terpenes.

3) Drug testers do not test for terpenes

Terpenes are non-psychoactive meaning they do not get you ‘high’.

Terpenes are not classed as a drug on any prohibited drug list.

Most people engage with terpenes on a daily basis than they realise but in more dilute forms.

And, terpenes are more abundant in nature as a whole than the singled out cannabis plant.

Henceforth, there exists no reason to drug test for terpenes.

Plus, there is no reason or incentive to develop drug tests that target terpenes.

Thus, you will not fail a drug test if you’re taking terpenes in either concentrate or dilute forms.

My friend failed a drug test when he was only taking terpenes, why?

First off, great question!

Chances are that your friends’ batch of terpenes had trace amounts of cannabinoids, specifically THC.

The batch your friend had did not have enough THC to make him ‘high’, it was still enough to show up on a drug test.

Maybe nothing showed up at the beginning but due to the compound effect of his consumption, it built up in his system over time.

To the point that there was enough in his system to produce a positive drug test.

Terpenes can and do interact with cannabinoids, but they naturally do not contain any cannabinoids.

The only exception to this is where the terpenes are derived from the cannabis plant specifically as opposed to the other abundant sources.

What you need to be aware of is where the terpenes are derived when buying and consuming them.

Here in Australia, terpenes are 100% legal unless derived from cannabis.

As long as your terpene source is a non-cannabis source then you’re safe to fly.

If your terpene source is from cannabis, then there’s a likelihood your terpenes may have trace amounts of cannabinoids.

Thus the onus is up to you to make sure you purchase non-cannabis derived terpenes.

As good place to start is the terpenes we have in our Hemponics store.

They’re derived from non-cannabis sources so we can be compliant with Australian law and regulations.